Making COLD FORMED Buildings Easy

Making COLD FORMED Buildings Easy


Manufacturing COLD FORMED Buildings has Never Been Easier

ACT Building Systems empowers customers of component manufacturers to order and sell more product while utilizing the manufacturers’ existing machine capabilities and stock.

ACT Building Systems is the ideal software solution for manufactures who already use roll form machinery. Using our proprietary software, developed over 15 years, we empower manufacturers to keep their roll form machinery in use and generating income.

Without ACT Building Systems, manufacturers are often underutilizing their roll form machinery and, as a result, losing large amounts of potential income. Our system allows increased returns for manufacturers. 

ACT Systems Helps Manufacturers through:

Industry Leading, Easy Software

ACT Building Systems software has been developed by experienced manufacturers over the last 15 years to be the best solution for cold rollers on the market.

When you use our systems, you will see our expertise within this sector along with our experience. We have build our systems to be simple to use, powerfully functional, and robust enough for seamless integration to your existing operations.

ACT empowers manufacturers customers to sell and order more components through ACT’s systems allowing those customers the ability to design, engineer and quote their own projects while the components manufacturer retains control over price and delivery. COLD FORMED buildings are easy to manufacture with the speed to site unmatched by any building. Customers appreciate that speed.


Empower customers to design and quote their own COLD FORMED building with this free tool provided by ACT. Try it now!

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