Making COLD FORMED Buildings Easy

Making COLD FORMED Buildings Easy


Engineering COLD FORMED Buildings has Never Been Easier

ACT Building Systems uses technology to enable engineers to work more efficiently, quickly, and accurately while staying relevant with the latest industry codes and standards. Not only does it allow engineers to work more easily, the system integrates with all other elements of the production process.

ACT Building Systems is flexible to work with clients’ needs. Our system pulls together appropriate local engineering codes, components produced by local roll-formers, and local engineering services to provide an online and PC-based system that empowers users to design, engineer, sell, and order cold formed buildings in either metric or imperial terms.

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ACT Systems Helps Engineers through:

Engineering Made Easy

With the ACT Building Systems you do not need to be concerned with where the next job is coming from. ACT provides an interesting range of work from the standard building to building with a lot of complexity.
ACT Building Systems provides the platform on which you can grow your engineering firm and in the knowledge of working with a company that is always looking to achieve excellence.


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