Making COLD FORMED Buildings Easy

Making COLD FORMED Buildings Easy


Engineering COLD FORMED Buildings has Never Been Easier

The ACT Dimensions software pulls together relevant local engineering codes, components produced by local roll-formers, and local engineering services to provide an online and PC-based system that empowers users to design, engineer, sell, and order cold formed buildings in either metric or imperial terms. Our technology enables engineers like you to work more efficiently, quickly, and accurately while staying relevant with the latest industry codes and standards. 

With the ACT Building Systems you do not need to be concerned with where the next job is coming from. ACT provides you with an interesting range of work: from standard buildings to custom projects with more complexity. 

ACT offers opportunities for additional work, providing clients with the opportunity to have their custom engineered buildings detailed by experts like you. We are looking for engineers to stamp drawings in all 50 states and Australia as well as people who can detail custom orders. 

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ACT Systems Helps Engineers through:

Engineering Made Easy

ACT Building Systems gives you a unique opportunity to grow your business while giving you easy entry into the COLD FORMED business. Using our platform, you will grow your engineering firm and your knowledge of COLD FORMED, working with a company that strives for excellence.

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